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BSG academy is developing projects devoted to free online and onsite educational resources.

As our community becomes self-sustainable, we can invest more efforts and time into passion projects.

When our founder Emerald Tin visited small villages throughout Bali, she realized that she wanted to help and make life better for these people.

There is a lack of understanding on infrastructure and sustainability. The development and growth appears to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Western development has positive aspects such as medical supply, hygienic standards, and gender equality. We shouldn’t withhold these to people who are wishing for it.

Share Our Knowledge

It is, however, our responsibility to share our knowledge about how to leverage its positive effects and mitigate the negative effects of two economies. Negative effects such as pollution and poverty due to re-settlements and the change from agriculture to production and tourism-oriented economic environments.

Television advertising, newspaper articles and online petitions are not enough.
What can we do?

We have to go to the villages and discuss with the people what they can do themselves in order to benefit from development, in the short and long-run, and what resources they need for this.

Certainly this comprises educational resources and tools to deal with waste and to build up a sufficient infrastructure. Our projects will help the villages and their children towards a better, cleaner future.

At this stage, we are asking for:

* volunteers at any age
* qualified professionals too
* open online discussions
* discuss what the villages need
* donation of educational tools
* donation of sustainability tools
* logistics options for donations

Project Plans for:

* recycling options
* reducing waste options
* education resource options
* renewable energy options
* improving health options

PROJECTS perfect for sharing

Eco & Marine will be a project ran by the help of several non profit organisations. You can spend a month or year living the island life on either Bali or Gili or Lombok or Mentawai or Moyo.  You will be helping out on the community garden, sharing your knowledge to kids, discovering cultural traditions, learning about environmental and underwater conservation. This will make your after school year the best experience you will always cherish.

Waves for Education is where there is a volunteering exchange program as a non paid working holiday. Anyone capable of required skills can offer to volunteer as a tutor for educational or environmental or infrastructure programs. The volunteer must pay for their own living expenses and logistics. However, they benefit by experiencing exotic cultures, and unheard of remote villages. Everyone takes away their own lessons.

Many Islands of Indonesia
cherishable & memorable

Eco & Marine Conservation
*helping the community*

Community garden, Mindfulness school,
underwater Conservation

PROJECTS for *investing* in a better future

Yayasan Canggu will be a body corporate non profit project to set up a fully sustainable village with a community garden and school in Canggu area of Bali island. The entire village will be built on as much recycled material as possible. There will be home stay style traditional Indonesian hut houses for customers and volunteers. A community garden and small school for sharing knowledge about recycling techniques and how to live a sustainable life.

Bali Tutor is a service that sets up a library at each village offering educational tools and a monthly tutoring service at the library. The tools in the library will be in accordance to the requirements of the village. There needs to be adequate consultations with the village elders and leaders of the village to fully understand the educational and environmental sustainability needs of the village. This project will take time to establish.

Funk the Junk is a collaboration project between Lombok Eco Funk (LEF) and Bali Surfer Girls (BSG). LEF has been educating locals from remote villages about the importance of environmental and recycling awareness. Thus providing job training and creating opportunities for working-from-home jobs. The jobs help mothers to be with their children more often without having to move closer to the city. BSG and LEF hopes to expand the project from Lombok to Bali.

Donate School Supplies

Giving rubbish another life.

Community Programs

Buy & use recycled rubbish!

Donate Medical Supplies

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