Gili paradise

bali surfer girls sea ocean
Picture three wonderful islands fringed by soft white
sand, sitting inside of turquoise sea, where cars and
motorbikes do not exist.

Known as ‘Gili Islands’ which is rather redundant as gili simply means ‘small island’ are situated on the northwest just off Lombok Island, these three beauties are easily accessible by public or speed boats operating from Bali, Nusa Lembongan or Lombok. Missed the boat? No problem – I can assure you that catching an aqua taxi across is beyond worth it!

bali surfer girls sea ocean surfing

Gili’s climate is noticeably drier and hotter than Lombok. The rainy season is roughly from November to April (less rainy than Bali!) and the peak tourist seasons are July – August and December – January. However, do not fear paying your visit to Gili off season, it is just as beautiful and moreover less crowded AND cheaper! Each island has its own special character, so let me introduce them to you. Everyone please meet Gili Trawangan – (Gili T) the largest and most visited of the three islands, also known as the party island. Our favourite is Gili Air – it is the one closest to Lombok, offering great surf and a well developed local community. And lastly the smallest one of them all – Gili Meno which is ‘the cream filling’ between the other two better known islands. Meno is simply your desert – island getaway.

No cars or motorbikes - does that scare you?

No need for panic, Gili has to offer you horse-drawn carts, known as cidomo’s! Still not convinced? Then, you’d be happy to hear that there are tons of places to rent a bicycle from. Alternatively, reward your body with a walk around the island. For instance a walk around Gili Air would take you only 30 to 60 minutes offering you the wonderful benefits of barefoot walking on soft white sand collecting shells as souvenirs.

I bet that at this point you are wondering what is there to do on such small islands? I would say RELAX, but there is a lot more on offer. There is a great diving around the islands, suitable for all levels. And the list goes off from scuba-diving, snorkelling, SUP, boat trips and party boats, yoga to surfing – YES surfing!

bali surfer girls sea ocean surfing

Sadly Gili Meno has only a small surf to offer (easy access – no boat needed, just paddle those arms good!) and god bless Gili T and Gili Air! These two islands have a number of outstanding reef breaks (on a good S/ SW swell) for you to try -but please considerate and respect the local surfers! All the islands feature a myriad of restaurants and cafes concentrated on the beach fronts, especially locate on the east side of each island. There is around ten ATMs on Gili T, only two ATMs on Gili Air, and apparently three ATMs on Gili Meno.

To stay safe we would recommend to lock doors at night and do not leave valuables out in the open as you would at home. Also be careful with locally produced alcohol – Arak. It can contain methanol that can cause serious injuries.

Our mission is to deliver and connect you to amazing, spectacular places and we hope Gili will become one of them so you can put your legs up, listening to the waves hitting the shore, feeling the tropical warm sun on your skin and let your mind wonder…