Plastic not fantastic

plastic not fantastic

We are very used to plastic in our daily life. Nearly everything is packed in plastic in the western world. Please consider that in your country there might be a recycling process set up so you don’t consider it a big hazard. Here in Indonesia you need to get a bit more awareness about this issue again.

First of all there is no *AWAY* – just throw it away. Here in Indonesia a lot of the waste is burned – burning plastic is a health hazard as well as big pollution – a big junk of the plastic ends up in the ocean – only a tiny portion will be recycled but mostly just reused for other purposes.

Let’s talk about water – Stay hydrated but with awareness- please!

Yeah I know we cannot just drink the tab water here but this means you need to think about your plastic bottle use. How many litres you drink a day? 3 litre – in a week this is 21 bottles! Multiply this by all the people you see….

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What can you do? You can make a difference and tell your friends they can too!
  • Use refill station. Many places in Bali do it, it is cheaper and a LOT better than 3 new plastic bottles a day.


  • Make your own refill station and get a gallon – or ask the place you are staying at to get you one.


Gallons are the big water containers, they actually contain 5 gallons (about 19 litre). They cost around 25 IDRs when you return the container (55 IDR without returning) in the end.

This is a lot cheaper as well as environmental friendly, than buying 3 new bottles a day. You can refill your own bottles or just bring a little cup and have a environmentally friendly drink whenever you feel like in the place you are staying. Don’t You say I won’t use it up! You can make a difference. What is more important?

  • Order open drinks, the ice tea and juices they make here are exceptionally awesome. Ask for no sugar if it’s all to Indo sweet for you, I do.


In Indonesian you say:

tidak gula = no sugar;

sedikit gula = a little bit of sugar


Drink fresh coconut, it is the best in the world. Some places offer it already cooled in glass bottles – look out for this.

 Don’t be scared of ice in your drinks they use drinking water.

 Last but not least. Refuse to use straws in your open drink! Bring your own Glas straw or drink from the glass straight. Do you use a straw at you home? I don’t so why would I have to anywhere else.

 You can expand this to all other things you consume in plastic… Thank you so much for your interest.

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