Shine is a Self-Care Jouney

How did the Shine Self-Care Journey came about?

The founder of Bali Surfer Girls – Emerald Tin quite her stable career in Australia for a much needed self-care journey.
She faced 12 long months of trying to fit into a new country & culture, Indonesia – far away from family and friends.
Daily practice of opening the heart yoga – breathing techniques and back bends, helped connect her heart and soul.
When her heart and soul become more connected, she turned her passion project idea into reality. But the journey isn’t over yet.
With the challenges of starting up a community business, she realized she was struggling again and that she was lacking in self-care.

As we get older, life appears to be moving faster even though our routine is the same most days and we forget the little things.
Those little things could be the most important things in your life to a better you, and help you maintain all types of relationships.
Maybe you already know what these things are and you are great at maintaining relationships. So you’re reading this…

” Is it bad that at 38 turning 39 in exactly 24 days – I would be happier making 50 grand a year than previous earning 200 grand a year as a construction contracts specialist. ” – asked Emerald. ” After 6 months of unemployment, my university degree is a home to cob webs. Combined commercial law, accounting finance and multi-media journalism experience of 20+ years doesn’t even get me an interview within the current economic times in many countries. “

” My friend Lucas Eyre recently said that he just can’t see the point of money. “Yes it buys things but in reality those things mean f*ck all after the shine wears off. [A flash phone, a hot husband, a house by the beach and a mega surf van]. All great stuff but still the same bullsh*t once the dust settles. You spend years building wealth IMAGINE what you could do if You Could Build You.” After hearing that, I’m launching the Shine Project and Shine Mermaids to connect. “

” * Shine Project * has recently started from Australia by an influential lady whom like myself is a coach of kind acts. It’s about mental health & well-being, and the encouragement of your individual self-care journey.”

“If your self-care needs some TLC, reach out. I will be hosting uplifting days of * Shine * from July (my birthday month) to next year from Bali to Mentawai to other islands of Indonesia to Australia to Myanmar then back to Australia.  “

Is your intuition is trying to tell you to look out for a place of hope or an uplifting space? Or you just need a daily dose of Shine…

If your self-care needs some TLC reach out to any of our mermaids.

It’s fun & free! All you have to do is register and join the Shine. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Please ignore the surf questions. We are currently working on a separate online platform for the Shine Project. It all comes down to funds unfortunately.

If you have already registered to the website, press the button below which will take you directly to the Shine Group.

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