You can’t afford travel insurance?

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If you can't afford surf travel insurance,
you can't afford to travel.

There’s nothing worse than injuring yourself on the first day of your Bali surf trip. Except maybe breaking both legs or your skull, and then needing a $50,000 emergency Medevac flight to get you back home urgently! Yes, it costs that much!

In the past few years of traveling to Bali, I have seen:
– too many motorbike accidents (friends have died)
– too many injured not wearing helmets (or drunk)
– surfboards broken flying off poorly tied roof racks
– friends of Bali Surfer Girls from Australia & Europe (without Travel Insurance) stuck in hospital forcing their desperate family and friends to open GoFundMe accounts to raise the $50,000 to fly back home by emergency evacuation – first into a suitable intensive care unit at an Australian or Singaporean hospital, then once their condition is stable, to fly back home with an intensive care nurse to their home town hospital.

The best and closest hospitals near Bali, with adequate intensive care machines and specialist doctors/nurses, are in Australia or Singapore.

I’ve also heard of a horror story about how there is only one type of intensive care machine available in Bali, yet with two or more people needing it. So who can stay hooked up to the intensive care machine? Obviously the one who can afford to stay alive… because they have Travel Insurance!

Is that going to be you?

bali surfer girls woman model surfboard

Estimated raising cost of emergency medical care from Bali to Europe can add up to $500,000 or more:
+ helicopter from the scene of the accident not accessible by car
+ helicopter to ambulance
+ ambulance to hospital (Bali)
+ intensive care unit in Bali
+ helicopter or private intensive care unit fitted airplane
+ above flight to Australia or Singapore
+ intensive care unit in Australia or Singapore
+ visa for Australia or Singapore
+ family’s airfare to help you in hospital
+ flight from Australia or Singapore to your home town
+ intensive care nurse on the flight with you to your home town
+ loss of income while you’re in intensive care & cost of care

CHANGES IN TRAVEL INSURANCE that you should know about:
Indo Surf Travel Insurance was the ONLY Travel Insurance that covered damage to Surfboards IN the surf for the last 10 years. But after 1 July, no travel insurance company will cover surfboards damaged in the surf. But you can still claim up to $700 or more for surfboards if they are damaged OUT of the surf.

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You should always coordinate your Travel Insurance on the same day you pay for any part of your trip (eg. Airfare, Surf Camp deposit, Yacht Trip etc). Travel Insurance is usually “active” immediately when you buy it, even if you do not leave for 6 or even 12 months. So if an Airline or Travel Agent goes broke you can claim, or if an accident or death in your family causes you to cancel your trip.

More importantly, all these large expenses should be covered:
–      Medevac flights (unlimited)
–      Hospitals, Doctors (unlimited)
–      Cancellation Costs (unlimited)
–      Lost, stolen or damaged Luggage up to $12,000*
–      Cameras, Laptops, iPads to $6000*
–      Phones, Cameras, Video to $4000*
–      Motorbike Personal Injury

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Recently a group of friends have had to raise close to $ one million to cover the cost of emergency medical evacuation, follow-up of medical operations and on-going medical treatments. Reason being, the injured person didn’t have the right travel insurance because he was working in Bali not traveling. There’s a huge difference in the insurance cover for working versus traveling. If you’re secretly working overseas…make sure you’re covered.

The Statistics

Every year around 25,000 Australians get into trouble overseas and need Australian Embassy help. In Bali alone the Consulate helps over 200 serious motorbike accident victims a year. Around 20,000 Aussies end up needing some kind of treatment in Bali hospitals, from minor problems like sunburn or an upset tummy, to serious life-threatening injuries that require an Emergency Evacuation which can cost over $50,000. For European surfers it can add up to $500,000 or more.

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But here’s the Good News: Surfers traveling around Indonesia have had their lives saved with a helicopter flight or speedboat trip to hospital, thankfully all covered by their travel insurance.

Indonesia is an exciting country, but with huge waves, shallow coral reefs, crazy traffic, easy access to party drugs, forest / jungle, live volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis – so don’t take the risk!

Consider this -

Indo Surf Travel Insurance only costs under $9 a DAY for a typical 3 week surf trip.

Or there is a new BUDGET Policy for around $5.50 a Day.

The ANNUAL Multi 60-Day Trip Policy is only $281 a Year.

Work travel insurance is 6 months Trip Policy is only $500 a Year

* All website members of Bali Surfer Girls can get a $10 REFUND if you email your Policy and mention “BSG” to Indo Surf Travel. Include your PayPal email address.
*All Insurance is subject to general Terms & Conditions – see their website:

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Images courtesy of Indo Surf Travel Insurance, Will Souw, Harry Pieters, Nong Moff, Pexel, Tommy Schulz, and Emerald Tin.